Vodolling - Visual Domain Interactive Modelling

Adam Craven | Oct. 1, 2021, 3:59 p.m.

Vodolling is a process that allows engineering + product teams to run ahead of the code + implementation to solve problems before they are encountered in code.

With this process, we can use the intelligence of the whole team to solve problems as opposed to a single person. It massively increases software engineering efficiency by aligning the team upfront and drastically reduces refactoring. In fact, refactoring often happens upfront with little effort before a single line of code is even written. It is also a perfect process for software design that allows people to cheaply iterate on ideas before arriving at a solution.

So what is it?

Vodolling is a process that captures “the core machinery of an application” - It is a high-level overview of the domain of the system, the relationships in the domain, a time-series flow of core domain logic and importantly, it is interactive and low-friction enough that people use it.

What is important about this process is that it separates it from most other processes is that it is made up of principles. This means it gives those doing the process the ability and confidence to implement the process whilst at the same time not being too bound to the exact process.

Before we get into the exact details, it is essential to understand that this process is borne from principles; if you understand the principles you will understand is an emergent behaviour from them.