The mission

We fundamentally believe that software can be done better. That software is not just a technology problem, but the combination of the human that creates and the technology that powers. educates from the bottom-up rather than the top-down - to give you the keys to build up your capability through knowledge shared freely. We aim to spread the best ideas, the most innovative thinking and always focus on one crucial aspect: the "why."

About Adam Craven

I started professionally programming in 2006 - I saw the same problems affecting most teams such as rewriting software, team conflict and slow development. The solutions to those problems were often the wrong ones, trying to fix human problems with technology solutions. This lead me to ask the question: How can I align people and make software better?

I've worked as a consultant for a few consultancies, including McKinsey & Company, affecting positive organisational change from tech startups to huge multinational companies, many of which I can't talk about.

I've also been an Engineer and CTO, and most of the roles in between, working for some companies you might recognise like HSBC, Nokia, and the BBC.

When I started the website in 2019, I didn't realise it would weave itself into everything I do and has become and important part of my life. My most important principle is one that looks perhaps uninteresting on the surface, but in its simplicity is the driving force behind why this site even exists: Make the invisible, visible.